Take Action! Build Your Firesteel Reputation

Why take action? 

About 23,000 people each year experience homelessness in Washington State and almost half are among the fastest growing homeless population - families.

But you can help change all this! Register to directly connect with your state legislators and let them know that our community wants to end homelessness. The more our policymakers hear from us the closer we come to improving policies that help level the playing field for women and families. Advocacy in its simplest form is communicating!

Why build my Firesteel Reputation?

Because your action adds up to create social change. Firesteel invites you into a community of advocates, committed to ending family homelessness, and we want you to see how your actions add up--individually and collectively. It's a way to encourage and challenge one another towards action and change!

What exactly is a Firesteel Reputation? 

Upon registering, you automatically achieve Firesteel Member status. 


You'll receive prompts to advocate in different ways. Each action step you take moves you closer to the next Reputation level which is.......

A couple more action steps and you'll become...........

And the last level for the most committed! 

How do I build my Reputation? 

By taking action and earning points. Here are just some of the ways you can earn points:

  • Comment on a blog post - 10 points
  • Like someone else's comment - 5 points to you and 5 points to the person who made the comment
  • During the legislative session, vote (endorse or oppose) on our priority issues - 20 points
  • Submit an event - 30 points
  • Attend an event - 30 points
  • Support an event - 5 points

100 points gets you to Supporter, 250 makes you an Advocate, and 500 and over qualifies you as a Firesteel Champion.

We'll be adding more ways to earn points soon. Some things you can do now, such as following us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube) and sharing our content on social media, and we'll be working on connecting these actions to earning points. Other things we'll be adding soon such as opportunities to donate to our partners. 

And what do these points get me? 

The points are a way to engage with an issue that can sometimes feel overwhelming and let you track your advocacy efforts. The more you participate on the Firesteel website, the more we can get to know you. Your voice matters so Register to join our Firesteel community and advocate to end family homelessness in Washington State. 

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